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How to mess up your Metrc / Distru
How to mess up your Metrc / Distru

List of things to watch out for that could be causing you issues

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This is an ongoing list of things to watch out for that could be causing you issues. Please read these through:

  1. Regenerating API key when one existed and was already entered into their Distru account

  2. Not adding your user API key in Settings > Integrations > Metrc before using Distru (something invited users forget to do)

  3. Entering the wrong company API key in Metrc (one that doesn’t have enough permissions - which isn’t a mistake as such but can be problematic in case we need to fix something and the api key being used is limited)

  4. Uploading the wrong licensee's package tags into 

  5. Not giving user(s) doing assembly(s) in Distru enough permissions in Metrc to modify packages

  6. Not messaging Distru when your Inventory audit has packages in it

  7. Syncing categories in Distru to the wrong category in Metrc

  8. Use different categories for the Metrc item than the product in Distru

  9. Having a bad naming convention for products

  10. Assigning the wrong unit type to a product (i.e. if category is Extract (weight - each) then unit type must be Unit)

  11. Naming products significantly differently in Metrc than in Distru

  12. Using a pre-Metrc location as the default inventory location for sales orders as can be set in settings > company > company settings

  13. Create new packages in wrong quantities

  14. Creating new packages for the wrong items when entering beginning inventory 

  15. Assigning package tag to wrong item in Metrc

  16. Using multi-stop transfers in metrc

  17. Creating new packages and assign wrong package tag to physical inventory than what shows in Metrc

  18. Importing a package from Metrc into the wrong product in Distru (it would still need to be in the same unit type family but could still be the wrong problem. i.e. importing a trim package into a bulk flower product - the system would allow you to do that but its incorrect)

  19. Doing adjustments in Metrc and then transferring the package(s) before the discrepancy can be fixed in Distru

  20. Creating packages out of existing packages in Metrc (unless required due to Metrc API being down / super slow)

  21. Creating lab samples in Metrc (unless required due to Metrc API being down / super slow)

  22. Changing a package tag’s item to another item in Metrc (unless the wrong metrc item was selected in the first place - then this would be required)

  23. Entering wrong or typo’d package tag in an assembly in Distru; sometimes licensees with multiple licenses could input a package tag in one license from the other license which is problematic 

  24. Selecting the wrong package or quantities in an assembly in Distru

  25. Transferring a different package in a transfer then what's actually being shipped

  26. Creating a sales order and then importing a transfer instead of matching the SO to it, resulting in duplicate SOs

  27. Not importing packages created in Metrc into Distru before transferring

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