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New User Guide for Distru/Metrc Sync
New User Guide for Distru/Metrc Sync

How to get going on Distru as a new user who is invited to an account

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OVERVIEW: First steps that should be taken after initially creating your Distru account to sync it to your Metrc account.

Congratulations -- you've been invited to join a Distru account which is live on Metrc. Please take note of the following to ensure that you are up to speed and don't make costly mistakes as you start using Distru:

  1. Review our help desk to understand the various facets of the METRC and Distru Integration, starting with What to do in Metrc and Distru, as well as going through the other articles; the key things to note are what you do in Metrc ONLY and what you do in Distru.

  2. Enter your user key in Settings >Account > My Profile > Enter your Metrc User key.

3. If you don't know your API key, go into your Metrc account, click on your name at the top right, and then click API keys. If you don't see a key there, then click generate, and copy it and paste it in here. DO NOT regenerate a key if one is already there.

4. Setup a Metrc dashboard in Settings > Account > Dashboard Settings

5. If you will be using assemblies, please be sure to have the right permissions in Metrc (to be able to create packages out of existing packages); ask your admin to assign those to you

6. If you or anyone else on your team is confused about which steps to take either in Distru or Metrc, please reach out to the Distru team directly in our help chat bubble in the bottom right of your Distru screen.

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