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Which actions do I perform in Metrc vs. Distru?
Which actions do I perform in Metrc vs. Distru?

A summary of which actions should be performed directly in Metrc instead of in Distru, and vice versa.

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Distru integrates directly with the Metrc API. This allows you to run your operation in Distru, yet ensure that your Metrc account is up-to-date with your latest changes.

In order to reliably sync your Distru account with Metrc, it's important that you perform most package-related actions in Distru instead of directly in Metrc. By following these rules, you'll keep your Distru account in-sync with Metrc and avoid any interruptions to your workflows.

Actions to perform in Distru

Actions to perform in Metrc 

  • Initiating and receiving transfers to/from other licensees†

  • Registering a transfer from a transfer template

  • Discontinuing a package†

  • Accepting rejections (if you have rejections on your transfers, please contact us to fix)

  • Creating and updating Metrc Items

  • Creating and updating Metrc Strains

  • Creating new packages for your beginning inventory 

† Metrc does not allow 3rd party integrators (like Distru) to perform these actions.

Please inform each of your team members about what to do and what not to do. Knowledge is power! 🎓

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