Splitting Packages

Parent packages will often need to be split into smaller packages in order to sync with line items on a Sales Order

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Matching Packages to Sales Orders

When matching packages to items on a Sales Order, the package must be equal in quantity to the amount of the item being ordered. 

Since this is not always the case, we'll need to split a larger 'parent' package into a smaller one that fits the quantity requested by the Sales Order.

Difference Between Assemblies and Split Packages

Split package feature can do what assemblies do, except you can have more than one output, and that you cannot have more than one input unlike assemblies. When packaging flower or manufacturing goods, we recommend using assemblies. Lastly, assemblies allow you to select the unit type of the output package (as long as it is in the same unit type family), whereas split packages feature doesn't. 

From the Packages Menu

Find the package that needs to be split > Select the three dots on the left and choose 'Split Package'

This can also be found on the Package details page: 

On the next window, we can split the parent into multiple packages of equal quantity or create one new package from the parent with a specific quantity

  1. Fill in the details under 'New Package Template'

  2. Make sure to select the correct corresponding Metrc Item

  3. Choose the Number of new packages  to create and the quantity for each package being split off

  4. Next you have to apply an unused Metrc Package Tag for each new package you want to create (please make sure your package tags are uploaded prior to doing this)

  5. Click 'Submit'

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