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Updated May 14, 2020

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The table below shows the categories currently available for use in Metrc and Distru. Please note not all categories are available for every license type. If you have inventory in category that has been updated, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Create the New Categories you'd like to use in Distru

  2. Create New Products in Distru using the updated Metrc Categories.

  3. Begin phasing out inventory from the outdated category. 

  4. Import all inventory moving forward to the new products with updated categories.

Additional Considerations

  • 'Change item' is for changing the item a package belongs to; it doesn't let you change the item itself.

  • You cannot change products once they are created, especially if they have any records associated with them. 

  • You cannot change the product a package belongs to if you used an assembly to create the package; you can only change it if you import the package into the wrong Distru product, and you can do this by clicking the 3 dots next to the package and clicking 'Change Distru Product' - but you cannot do it if you alter it after importing

  • You cannot import a package of Grams into a product of unit type Unit; this is why even if you could change the Distru product on an imported / unaltered package, you could only change it to a product with the same family unit type (g, kg, lb, oz etc.)

  • If you have current inventory in the older products thats in Grams, you can do an assembly to make a new package under the new products as stated in the steps above. 

  • For units of flower that are multiple grams but outside the given categories (4g, 5g, etc) use category 'Flower (packaged gram - each)' and add the weight to the name of the product, ex: Blue Dream - 5g unit

Metrc Categories

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