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Step 7: Setup a Default Intake Location
Step 7: Setup a Default Intake Location

A designated place for pre-existing incoming packages to go

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OVERVIEW: Establishing which Distru location within your Metrc license (or licenses) your Metrc packages will go once they are received.


A default intake location is where Distru will put packages received in an incoming transfer, whether it's a return transfer or any incoming transfer from another organization. This is also the location where packages sent in an Internal Transfer will end up once sent and received.

1. Open the 3-lined menu in the top left of your Distru screen and select "Settings".

2. Select "Integrations" then "Metrc".

3. You'll see a list of options that each begin with a checkmark. You'll want to select "Select default intake locations for licenses" (your checkmark will be gray when you you're doing this for the first time). That will open up to show you all the Metrc licenses you own that are associated with your Distru account. Click into the "Intake Location" space across from each license and select the appropriate Distru location where you want incoming packages for each of those licenses to go.

EXAMPLE: Based on the above screenshot, packages received into the 404-75769 Metrc license will all end up in the Distru location entitled "Casey's Cool Company".


-If a license does not have an intake location set, Distru will use the first location ever associated to that license by default.

-If a package ends up in the wrong location, you can always transfer it to the right location.

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