While Distru offers a handful of useful reports, downloading the raw data will empower you to build custom reports in dozens of different ways. In this article we'll dive into how and where to access your raw data. 

Before we begin, it's important to note that any report will only be as good as the data used to build it. This is one of the main reasons why we encourage using good naming convention as well as filling in all fields when creating new products. Brands, Groups and Subcategories can all be used to build reports and better understand your data.

Downloading Raw Data

To build reports, you need to access your raw data. There are several ways to do this in Distru. 


Data from reports can be filtered and downloaded in CSV format.
Navigate to Main Menu > Reports > choose a report then apply filters

Apply filters or display all data for any given report by setting the date to 'More than 0 days ago.' 

Once filters are applied, choose 'Download CSV'

Filtered reports can be scheduled or emailed directly by clicking the envelope icon on the right. 

Export Data

Another way to download data is by navigating to Main Menu > Settings > Export Data
This is a one-click alternative to download data in CSV format with no filters applied.

Quickbooks Desktop

Even if you're not using Quickbooks Integration, there are valuable reports available by navigating to Main Menu > Settings > Integrations > Quickbooks Desktop

Export for Distru

Additional Product and Company data can be downloaded by navigating to
Main Menu > Products / Companies > select all > then choose 'Export for Distru' 

If the option to 'Export for Distru' doesn't appear, reach out to support and we will make it happen!

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