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Excise Tax Calculation
Excise Tax Calculation

Create new taxes in compliance with CDTFA Regulation 3700

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Current Taxes

How do we reconcile taxes applied before discounts and charges on past Sales Orders?

Taxes applied before discounts and charges will continue to function as they are. This is meant to avoid causing issues with completed Sales Orders.

Navigate to Settings > Taxes to see the column on the right displays when each tax will be applied.

To apply taxes after discounts and charges on Sales Orders moving forward, simply create a new tax by clicking Add Tax. Before creating a new tax, open the old tax by clicking the pencil icon to the left.

Uncheck any boxes where the old tax should no longer be automatically applied.

New Taxes

All new taxes you create will apply after charges and discounts.

To create a new tax, go to Settings > Customize Distru > Taxes and click Add Tax.

Choose a tax from the list:

Choose Custom Tax to create taxes specific to a city or county or other taxes that may be associated with conducting business in a specific region.

Click Create Tax then fill in the fields on the New Tax Form

  • Specify a name for the tax

  • Fill in a tax code (where applicable)

  • The current rate (%) for the tax

  • A QuickBooks income account

  • Provide a description if desired

  • Assign Tax Tags

Tax Settings

By Default, New Taxes will be applied after Charges and Discounts in compliance with CDTFA Regulation 3700.

Edit existing tax

Click the pencil next to the name of any tax to make changes to the fields shown above:

  • For existing taxes, tax settings can not be modified.

  • The other fields in the tax edit form can be modified.

Test new tax settings

  • Add line items

  • Checkbox available to indicate line item is a sample!

  • When checked, a ribbon will also appear in the top left corner of the line item to indicate it is a sample.

  • When checked, taxes will not be applied to the price

  • Select type, name, unit type and amount

Add Tax

  • Selected tax will be applied after discounts

  • Selected tax will not be applied to samples!

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