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See all Metrc activity in one place on the app

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We’ve launched a destination in the app that shows you package details, transfer details, and a history log of all your Metrc activity. This provides more visibility on Metrc activity, and provides the ability to skip packages. Additionally, Admin users have the ability to skip and unskip Metrc Transfers!

Here's how you can access and use the Metrc Control Panel:

Access the dashboard from the Main Menu

View all packages, whether they’ve been imported to Distru or not

Search by package label, and toggle between licenses

Skip unimported packages so they don’t clutter your feed

Un-skip packages easily

See all of your transfers, both incoming and outgoing

See all of your Metrc activity in a history log

Admin users can now skip and unskip Metrc Transfers.

We are continuing to add functionality to this page and we will update this article as we launch new additions 😀

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