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Help us hold Metrc Accountable for API Outages
Help us hold Metrc Accountable for API Outages

Here’s what we’re doing and how you can help

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When the Metrc API experiences outages, it disrupts the entire ecosystem at an enormous cost to the industry. Help us hold Metrc accountable.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  1. Helping Metrc draft mocks in hope they will use to add a status page for Metrc API uptime vs downtime

  2. Sending detailed error reports in effort to help Metrc's team pinpoint the issue and fix faster

  3. Working with all integrators to compile the industry's support tickets to draft a letter of intent for class action in the event our efforts to help are not driving action

  4. Emailing and speaking with Metrc and state leaders to work together to solve

Here’s how you can help:

We suggest contacting the BCC directly. If they hear enough complaints, it could help. Here's what to do:

  1. License name, number and expiration date.

  2. Under Section B. REQUIRED NOTIFICATIONS, check the box next to “Connectivity to Track and Trace is Lost - 5050(b)”

  3. On page 2 you have the option of adding a note where it says, “Use space below for additional information, as needed.”

  4. Add a message with more info. Feel free to use this: Metrc’s API is not functioning yet again. The track and trace system’s API is fundamentally broken, in violation of California Business and Professions Code SEC. 51. Section 26068 which mandates a functional API for licensees to report commercial cannabis activity, as required by regulations. Our industry’s ability to generate tax revenues for the state is severely disrupted when the track and trace system mandated for licensees does not work as required by law.

Email the form to the BCC (may as well copy CDFA and Metrc so there's documentation across the board):

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