Are you trying to pair your scale to the Distru app for the first time, or having trouble trying to pair your scale to the Distru app? This is the article for you!

Below are some steps to help you successfully connect your Ohaus Ranger 3000 or Valor 7000 to Distru.

Setup BlueSnap Adapter

Make sure your BlueSnap adapter is charged, and plug it into the RS232 port on your scale:

Once the adapter is plugged in, make sure you long-press the blue button until you see a flashing green light (this indicates the BlueSnap is turned on):

Setup Scale

Now you must setup your scale to send data to the BlueSnap device. Here are some guides based on which scale you use:

Note: Distru does not support any other scales at this time

Enable Bluetooth Permissions

By now, you should be able to see the scale show up in your Distru app when trying to pair, like so:

If this is what you see, you're good to go!

However, if you still don't see the scale appear aftering all the steps above, you may need to enable some additional Bluetooth permissions on your iOS/Android device:

iOS Instructions

  1. Go to "Settings", pull the screen down to reveal the search bar

  2. Type "Distru" into the search bar and tap on the Distru app in settings

  3. Ensure "Bluetooth" settings in "Allow Distru to Access"

Android Instructions

  1. Go to "Settings", and find the Distru app settings

  2. Go to the section that says "Permissions"

  3. Enable "Always allow for all permissions"

  4. Turn off Bluetooth for 5 seconds, and then turn it back on

There it is! You should now be able to fully connect your Ohaus scale to the Distru app for teardown.

Please contact us via the chat bubble if you get stuck or have any additional questions :)

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