In the event that your bluetooth scale is not hooked up come harvest day or you run into technical difficulties - there's a backup - we understand technology is great but backups are important when it comes to farming!

Phone scan the tags

If you are using the phone camera to scan tags you follow the scanning flow and just type in the weight. Viola harvest day is saved - easiest flow!

Bluetooth scan the tags

If you are having trouble with your phone camera you can use a Bluetooth scanner instead to scan your tags.

For Android Users:

  • Enable this setting:

    • Settings > System > Languages & Input > Physical Keyboard > Turn ON Show Virtual Keyboard

  • Follow the scanning flow and just type in the weight

For iOS users:

  • Make sure you have a scanner that has a button/way to manually trigger the on-screen keyboard.

  • Follow the scanning flow and just type in the weight


  1. When a user has a bluetooth scanner connected, phone may make it unable to manually enter a weight.

  2. Why? The phone recognizes the scanner as a keyboard, and hides the on-screen keyboard so the user cant type.

  3. This is mainly an iOS issue, there is a work-around on Android that requires a user to enable a system accessibility keyboard setting.

  4. We have the options above for the fixes. Good news worst comes to worst use your phone camera to scan tags.

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