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Step 4: Importing Metrc Packages into Distru
Step 4: Importing Metrc Packages into Distru

First create packages in Metrc, then import into Distru

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This is how you get your inventory into Distru, but first you have to create the packages in Metrc as the previous article highlighted.

Once your packages have been created in Metrc and your Distru account is setup fully, you can import your packages into Distru.

The Metrc icon on the toolbar will indicate if you have any notifications, which you can then click on to see what Quick Actions you can take, as shown above. One of these is a function called ‘Import Packages’ that will alert you if you have packages in Metrc that are not yet in Distru. 

Select Facility

You can then click on that and select which Facility you want to import these packages into, and you would repeat this process for as many facilities you need to import your products into. 

Select Package Types to Import

One you select the facility, you will then select the packages you wish to import, such as Active Packages, On Hold Packages, Finished Packages or Discontinued Packages. 

Enter Batch Number (optional)

You can also specify a batch number for your packages at the time of importing, as well as during other times as described in this article. This batch number will be visible in various pages as well as exports, with more exports / reports to be added over time. 

Connect Packages with Distru Products

Lastly, you will see a list of all your packages you can import, and you will select the Distru product for each package that you want to connect that package with. As shown above, all the packages are selected by default, so you can uncheck them all by clicking 'Select all packages' at the top left of the list and just selecting the ones that you will be importing one by one.

The naming should match if you setup your products as the same as items in Metrc. You will repeat this process for each Facility you are importing into. 

NOTE: It’s hard to undo mistakes at this step so please double check your work before you finish importing packages. 

Once you have entered done this, you will see something like this:

Finally click import packages and you are done! You can now go check out your packages in the Packages table list view by going to the Products page, clicking on it and selecting Packages as seen below.

If you make a mistake...

Click the 3 action dots next to the package number and select 'Change Distru Product'

Please reach out via live chat if you have any questions :)

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