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How do I sell and ship inventory?
How do I sell and ship inventory?
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Before you can sell, you will have to go through a few steps. Let's say you have a package of 454g of Family Farms | Blue Dream 1/8th and a customer hits you up to buy 10 1/8ths.

  1. To start off, you can just create a sales order (SO) where you add the product, quantity and price etc. typically as you would in a sales order in the pre-Metrc world, along with creating the invoice and sending it to the client as you please. 

  2. Please note that you can only set SO status to pending or processing at the moment. Also, SO status automatically becomes complete when synced with a transfer, and cannot be manually set to complete. Also note that you cannot create shipments on sales orders until they are completed, at the moment. 

  3. Create the SO and add line items

  4. Once you are ready to fulfill, assign packages and auto-repackage them to the quantity needed to fulfill the line items (one per line item ideally) using inline repackaging

  5. Once all packages are assigned, create a transfer template or you can create an outgoing transfer to your customer directly (we recommend using transfer template feature as it will save you time and reduce errors).
    NOTE: If you create an outgoing transfer in Metrc directly, you will have to match it to the SO after as discussed in section 9, otherwise if you use transfer templates and then convert the template into the transfer, it will auto match to the SO from which you created the transfer template and mark the SO completed.

  6. If you did not use transfer templates and instead created the outgoing transfer yourself in Metrc from scratch, you can match it to the SO after the delivery is completed and any rejections are accounted for (any rejected items you will have to remove from the sales order before you can match). 

  7. Please note that you will NOT be able to manually change the status of a sales order beyond processing. It will only go from processing  to completed  once the SO is matched to a transfer (either automatically if you used transfer templates or manually if you didn't). 

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