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How do I package products?
How do I package products?
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If you are trying to create packages, such as taking bulk flower and making gram bags or 1/8ths, then you have to create assemblies in Distru. Let's say you are taking bulk flower and making an 1/8th.

  1. Make sure the 1/8th item exists in Metrc and in Distru (ideally they should be named the same or very similar).

  2. You will need inventory of the bulk flower in your system. If you are just getting on to Metrc, you would have to create new packages in Metrc for your existing inventory, in case the bulk flower you want to package, and then once you have the packages created in Metrc, you have to import your packages into Distru. NOTE: This is only when you are adding current inventory. If you are receiving inventory from another licensee, you will need to get it through transfers.

  3. Then once you have your inventory, you can do the assembly, where you input the bulk flower as the ingredient in this case, and the 1/8th product as the output product. Alternatively you can also use the split package function by selecting the 3 dots next to a package.

  4. If you are selling to a retailer then you will need to carry out a compliance test, for which you have to create a lab test sample in Distru (for Distributors only).

You can also assemble products together to make a case, but you will need to create that case as a separate item in Metrc and product in Distru. We don't advise you make assortment cases because it can increase your liability incase products fail testing.

Inline Repackaging

With our new inline repackaging feature out, you can repackage packages on the fly within the sales order when assigning them to line items, so you don't need to assemble or split packages ahead of time, unless you want to split them for internal reasons. 

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