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Auto-Fill Package Tags
Auto-Fill Package Tags

Save time assigning packages to Sales Orders!

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When splitting a package or using inline repackaging when creating a Sales Order, you'll see a new toggle button that allows auto-filling of package tags! Simply select the first tag manually and then any subsequent tag fields will be auto-filled with the next available tag.

Split Package Dialog

  1. Select Metrc Item

  2. New button - auto fill metrc using next tag in series, Click to enable

  • Click the new toggle (click again to change the order the tags populate in either ascending or descending order indicated by the direction the arrow is pointing and the order of numbers, either 1-to-9 or 9-to-1)

  • Select first package and the lines below will auto fill the next available tag.

  • Even when toggled you can still can change numbers manually if needed



Inline Repackaging Form

  • Create Sales Order

  • Add Line Item

  • New toggle available on every line

  • Select Metrc tag

  • Click tag icon next to tag number

  • Inline Repackaging form expands as usual

  • When toggled, the lines will autofill with the next available package tag

  • Un-toggle and change manually if needed

  • Works across multiple order items !

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