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Welcome to the Distru Changelog!

Reminder: Always refresh the browser window when the blue banner appears! 😅 

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December 2023

  • New Features

    • Allow adding cost types on packages, batches and product-tracked products

    • Allow users to create BOMs that only have costs

    • Auto import available metrc tags

    • Add SO Revenue Breakdown

    • Hide restricted LeafLink fields for non-admin users

    • Add Illinois and Vermont as non-Metrc states

    • Include all fulfilled line items in repackage

  • Bug Fixes

    • When opening the Product form from the "Quick Add" menu, default to the "Info" tab

    • Update BOM costs' quantities in the assembly form when updating the quantity of the associated output

    • Fix issue creating a product when the BOM was partially initialized

    • Don't crash QBO invoice sync when customer case-insensitive match exists

    • Remove lag in Sales Order form

    • Fix crash when cloning product with BOM costs

November 2023

  • New Features

    • Cultivation onboarding improvements

    • Add company Metrc setting "Keep cost per unit when the quantity of a package increases in Metrc"

    • Allow adding costs when adding quantity in the Stock Adjustment form

    • Add UPC to 2 sales reports

    • Allow inline editing of preset charges and discounts

    • Round package test result label template vars to 4 decimal places in MO

    • Allow adding costs on assemblies

    • Update Granular COGS report to include all inputs

    • Print labels from purchase order

    • Allow adding costs on breakdowns

    • Make Return form work with non-package-tracked items on Metrc Sales Orders

    • Handle virtual Metrc transfers

    • Add costs to Bill of Materials form

    • Add permission for non-admins to manage Cost Types

    • Give the user an option to quickly navigate to the Cost Type Settings page when the user has the proper permissions and there's no active cost types

    • Allow transfers of packages with lab testing state NotSubmitted and item category Seeds to CA Type 10 Licenses

  • Bug Fixes

    • Do not overwrite QBO objects automatically

    • Always provide PackageDate when creating packages from processing jobs

    • Fix issue where bins couldn't be updated for a package-tracked output in the assembly form

    • Don't fail Finish Processing Job activity when assembly has been deleted

    • Fix edge case bug preventing transfer templates from being created in Metrc

    • Fix timeout on products table caused by cost calculations

October 2023

  • New Features

    • Add company setting to propagate Sales Order item descriptions to invoice items

    • Allow adjusting the quantity of packages associated with Pending assemblies

    • Allow moving partially assembling packages

    • Allow users to rotate barcodes and images in label template editor

    • Add Expiring Inventory and Low Inventory scheduled alerts

    • Allow returning quantity to a different location than the order item's location

    • Support metrc item categories that require images

    • Generate Routes from Sales Orders

    • Repackage all line items at the same time

    • Add costs to Assembly Export

    • Inventory Assets Report

    • Show cost in products, packages and batches tables and pages

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix default colors bug in Calendar Settings

    • Fix create metrc item dialog for customers with one license

    • Ask users if they want to update invoice after manually matching SO with Metrc transfer

    • Allow users to change the Metrc item on an inline repackage pending assembly when completing it

    • Sync Charge Presets to correct QBO item

    • Fix charges bug in SO form for LeafLink-synced orders

    • Populate bins on product screen package adjust dialog

September 2023

  • New Features

    • Treez Integration

      • Add ability to omit Treez products from syncing on invoices

      • Improve POS product mapping prompt when syncing new products

      • Added option to sync invoice to Treez only after manifest is received

      • Expose brand on POS product mapping selection

    • Change 'Fulfillment Status' column in Assemblies table

    • Add case quantities product columns

    • Allow users to overwrite an invoice in QBO if the DocNumber already exists

    • Allow updating harvest name and harvested date when Metrc Activity fails

    • Require expiration dates when completing assemblies in Michigan licenses

    • Add Fundcanna CTA button

    • Sales Order line items can now be rearranged

    • Only require Expiration Date for Metrc Items or for specific MI Metrc Item Categories that require it

    • Support a single batch being used in multiple line items

    • Add prompt warning to invite user

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix transfer import crash on Metrc edge case

    • Fix bug that would create empty BOMs

    • Gracefully handle Treez line item collisions

    • Fix issue where we were not showing the quantity left for the source package if the assembly form was opened using the "Create Assembly From Package" option

    • Fix timeout when sorting products by available quantity. Also, exclude quantity from inactive packages in various places in the app

    • Fix: order invoice form grouped item rounding

    • Fix: support tag max plant in metrc tag upload

August 2023

  • New Features

    • Treez Integration

      • Allow syncing of brands to Treez

    • Handle Metrc transfer receiver undoing a rejection

    • Add command to migrate company custom fields to a new Distru account

    • Added Cultivation Analytics reports inside of the reports section

    • Keep source package cost when a package created in Distru is discontinued in Metrc

    • Allow users to undo non-Metrc completed assembly outputs

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix issue updating quantity for an ingredient when removing a batch item or a package item

    • Fix crash that happened when the client tried to create an assembly without providing metrcUnitName

    • Fix stock bug when a package is quickly moved from one transfer to another

    • Fix bug that would block a Sales Order and create an inventory audit that users can't repair

    • Fix partial matching of Sales Orders and Metrc transfers

    • Fix: Invoice table email load default company email address

    • Fix user-associated inventory support on Orders

    • Handle transferring out package immediately after receiving it in internal transfer

    • Fix issue where we were showing today's date for custom date fields that had no date set

    • Fix multiple issues related to invoices (net terms, crashes, inconsistent data

    • Fix bug where we were incorrectly grouping items in the old assembly form with automatic allocation

    • Fix label formatting of custom date fields

    • Fix when Create Package activity fails with error "Package cannot have its Trade Sample flag removed", submit new attempt with Trade Sample = True

July 2023

  • New Features

    • Launched Pistil Data Reports in Distru

    • Support new Metrc item fields required in MO

    • Automatically move Distru packages when they appear in a different license after being active in an expired license

    • In an inline repackage, make the child package inherit the expiration date from the parent package

    • Various fixes and improvements around Metrc strains filtering

    • Quickbooks

      • Speed up QuickBooks Desktop invoice export

      • Improve handling of name uniqueness across QBO customers and vendors

    • Allow users to copy and paste the batch UID of a batch selected as ingredient

    • Use company relationship default fields when creating SO from menu

    • Show more billing/shipping locations in the order form

    • Add referral program to login page

    • Show product unit type alongside package unit type

    • Show total plant count in harvest show page

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix bug where users could create BOMs with package-tracked BOM inputs for non package-tracked products

    • Fix issue where we were showing a duplicate "$" in multiple tables

    • Fix issue where the UI would crash if a checkbox custom field had null as value

    • Fix bug that prevented Metrc test results from being imported when the test sample got created directly in Metrc and then imported into Distru

    • Undo temporary workaround for Metrc transfer template Transporter Facility bug which Metrc has already fixed

    • Fix consistent timeout when deleting custom unit types

    • Fix internal transfer edge case that would corrupt Distru package

    • Speed up packages table when filtering by active and/or assembling packages

June 2023

  • New Features

    • Treez Integration

      • Map Distru subcategories to Treez subtypes

    • Return informative error in company uploader resulting CSV when returns no matches for a company address

    • Fetch the first 120 label templates for the "Print Label" dialog

    • Added type filter to activity panes

    • Uploader

      • Add UI alert and debounce template download

      • Added new fields to Company and Product CSVs and Upload capability

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix issue where we crashed trying to convert quantities that should not be converted

    • Fetch reports with default filters

    • Fix sales fulfillment matrix display filter

    • Change the 3-dot menu icon in the Purchase Order Show page to white, so it is easier to see for our customers

    • Fix uploader bug causing many errors to not be reported if CSV has more than 500 row

    • Fix bug in product category form preventing users from creating subcategories

    • Fix rounding issue in order form total summary

    • Fix Purchased Quantity in Inventory tab in product and batch page

    • Work around Metrc bug on PUT /transfers/v1/templates

    • Fix crash in form that matches existing SO with Metrc transfer

May 2023

  • New Features

    • Treez Integration

      • Treez Integration with Order and Product sync

    • QBO Integration

      • Allow selecting QBO sales deposit account on invoice payments

      • Allow customers to sync POs to QBO in statuses prior to Completed

    • Make payments searchable in top bar

    • Show Metrc Transfer Number on matched POs

    • Add analytics fields to cultivation locations

    • Sort Metrc item names in dropdown by similarity against the search term

    • Speed up sales by company web report

  • Bug Fixes

    • Render error when loading Match with Metrc transfer form on SO with pending assemblies

    • Fix issue where we were showing non-Metrc licenses in "Integrations > Metrc"

    • Fix to show proper quantity and unit in the "Complete & Sync Assembly" dialog

    • Convert units correctly when displaying assembly form Metrc confirmation dialog

    • Fix issue that was preventing customers to add new outputs to already existing assemblies in the assembly form with automatic allocation

    • Fix LeafLink bug that would incorrectly sync product prices to LL when setting API key or webhook key

April 2023

  • New Features

    • Allow Adjustments using negative quantities

    • Added a setting to enable/disable syncing inventory to Leaflink

    • Allow creating a return for non-Metrc items associated with a Sales Order connected to a Metrc transfer

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue merging password protected PDFs

    • Auto-heal from bug Metrc transfer template API

March 2023

  • New Features

    • Added "Units Per Case" as a column on the Product Table Export for Bulk Update

    • Terms and Services now extends across the whole page to save paper

    • Support new format licenses in MT and CO

    • Support sorting tasks table by Related To column

    • Allow creating Metrc items with same name as deleted Metrc items created in Distru

    • Hide products with less than 1 case available in menu under certain menu settings

    • Update Invoice Date when user accepts prompt to update the invoice on Sales Order update

    • Assembly info now appears on every row of the assemblies export

    • Don't reset certain invoice fields when saving Sales Order

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug when deleting a new line item on existing PO

    • Fixed issues fulfilling order line items using the mobile app

    • Unit Cost on imported POs no longer uses product-default-cost if $0

    • Automatically close the overflow menu in the Purchase Order Show page

    • Fixed default package date when creating package in Metrc

    • Fixed layer selection issue in Label Templates

    • Fix rounding bug in Sales Order form total calculation

    • Speed up "COA Attached" package table filter

    • Allocate inventory required by BOM to last input in input group even if it is filled

    • Don't show errors to customers in the Label Template Editor until a real source is selected

    • Fixed issue handling all kinds of images in the Label Template Editor

    • Always populate completed_at on completed assemblies

    • Fix bug that would flag importable packages as non-importable

    • Tune assembly export speed

    • Fix assembly export bug around batch-less inputs/outputs

    • Address packages with mixed unit types in assemblies

    • Hide soft-deleted company relationships in various places

    • Don't crash when user uploads a custom unit type for product net unit

    • Fixed Distru item - QB item matching bug

    • Fixed SO-Metrc Transfer auto-matching edge case

    • Allow customers to adjust packages using negative quantities in all platforms (web, iOS and Android)

February 2023

  • New Features

    • Dynamic BOMs! - Add BOM ingredients by specifying a quantity from a list of products, filtered by category/subcategory/group/tags, instead of a specific SKU

    • Sort custom fields in Settings

    • Don't allow importing internal Metrc transfers as Stock Transfers unless all packages already exist in Distru

    • Added Minnesota to supported states

    • Allow matching Distru products with custom unit types with LeafLink products

    • Improved Leaflink Available Quantity sync logic

    • Auto-retry LeafLink order import when connecting Distru user to LeafLink user

    • Accept Michigan microbusiness license numbers when creating transfer templates

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed timeout when deleting company relationship license

    • Don't fail create strain Metrc Activity if a deleted Metrc strain with the same name exists

    • Fixed broken dashboard widgets: Incomplete Orders and Incomplete Purchases

    • Fixed incorrect pin count on map feature

    • Correctly calculate possible quantity in the presence of many specific-product BOM inputs

    • Fix crash related to bluetooth permissions on Android 12 and higher

January 2023

  • New Features

    • New Mexico added to supported states

    • Propagate custom field data from the parent package to child packages created via inline repackaging

    • Automatically calculate missing test result values that can be accurately calculated when importing them from Metrc

    • Added "Metrc Item" to the Package CSV Export

    • Handle custom unit types in Create Metrc Item dialog

    • Add Bins to Work Order PDF and allow sorting ingredients in Work Order PDF by bins

    • Allow customers to use a QR code to encode the batch number in a Package Label template

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug that corrupted Sales Order when deleting a pending inline repackaging

    • Fixed unit type conversion bugs in SO form

    • Fixed broken Create Assembly From Package form when Bins are enabled

    • Fixed crash when completing a pending inline repackage assembly while attempting to propagate custom data

    • Fix issue where the mobile app created an inline repackage when adding a package with cases

    • Fixed bug that prevented companies in non-Metrc states from creating licenses

    • Fixed bug when moving packages within license both in Metrc and Distru

    • Fixed quantity adjustment bug which corrupted package inventory and blocked Metrc sync

    • Fixed broken product auto-fill in PO form

    • Sort packages in package dropdown in SO form by status first, then by expiration date, not the other way around

    • Fixed issue loading images when previewing/printing a label template

December 2022

  • New Features

    • Bin Inventory Tracking

      • Sort SO PDF by Bin/Inventory Location for optimized pick pathing

      • Create Bins in Settings > Customize Distru

      • Assign packages/batches to Bins on Purchase Orders

      • Edit Bins by on the Edit Package or Edit Batch pages

      • Allocate multiple packages to the same bin via "Move Packages with License"

      • Allocate multiple batches to bins using the "Create Transfer" form

      • View bins on packages or batches via side panel info

      • Added "Bins" column to the Package CSV export

      • Added "Bins" column to the Batches CSV export

    • Require user to repackage when a Distru package has its unit type changed in Metrc

    • Add Distru & Cult Analytics settings to roles

    • Don't allow users to create transfer templates on Pending sales orders

    • Distru Analytics is now embedded in-app

    • New Mexico added to list of states

  • Bug Fixes

    • Stop serializing unnecessary information in batch view

    • Fixed issue where users were not able to add more assembly outputs to an already existing non-Metrc assembly

    • Removed unnecessary "Complete Assembly" checkbox

    • Consider existing input quantity when reloading batch quantity available in assembly input

    • Don't crash assembly form on batch available qty reload with empty qty input

    • Fixed menu bug: bad request line item with 0-quantity and no product_id

    • Fixed buggy auto-repair of discontinued packages with non-0 Metrc quantity

    • Fixed bug that prevented users from creating Metrc locations from Distru

    • Consider PublicIngredients with just blank spaces as invalid when creating Metrc items

    • Fix two edge case bugs when unmatching transfer from SO when the SO has a Completed Return associated

    • Allow Pending and Canceled SOs when product has negative available quantity

    • Fixed bug in assembly input Metrc remediated product logic

    • Fixed bug that would accidentally update all records when bulk-updating a subset of records with a custom field filter applied

    • Fixed crash in same-size repackage after pending inline repackage error reporting useMemo addition

    • Fixed broken assembly page and Edit Assembly form when input or output have product with BOMs

    • Fixed issue that intermittently breaks PDF downloads

November 2022

  • New Features

    • Add flag to packages for requires remediation

    • Added "Lock Ingredients" toggle to assemblies using a BOM

    • We no longer allow combinations of remediated / non-remediated packages in assembly inputs

    • Inventory Min/Max fields added to Products

    • Show fulfillment status on assemblies table

October 2022

  • New Features

    • Quickbooks Integration

      • You can now map customers/vendors in Quickbooks to Distru explicitly in the quickbooks settings page

      • Allow Default Expense Account to be set to any QBO account

    • Label Printing

      • Print multiple labels from the packages table

      • Print all multiple labels for all line items on a Sales Order

      • Stop rounding percentage values for label templates

    • Implemented Edit Plant Weights for plants weighed individually

    • Vendor filter added to Product Menus

    • Add payment terms to Sales Order PDF

    • Add payment terms to Invoice PDF

  • Bug Fixes

    • Don't duplicate mappings when selecting ingredient first for BOM-based assembly

    • Fix issue selecting customer in product menu

    • Properly show the "Sales Orders" title in the Orders Dashboard view

September 2022

  • New Features

    • Product Menu - Allow guests to order beyond available inventory levels when inventory levels are hidden

    • Added support for exporting and importing Net Weight/Volume, Serving Size and their unit type

    • Added "Product Unit Net Weight/Volume" and "Product Unit Serving Size" as data sources for label templates

    • Added mg/unit and mg/serving to Label Template potencies

    • Add “Parent Metrc Tag” to Label Printing Data Fields

    • Extend package selection dropdown

  • Bug Fixes

    • No longer allow matching Sales Orders with Metrc transfers to same license

    • No longer auto match unit incompatible Distru products to Metrc items in autocomplete

    • Packages fully used in draft repackage on SO form no longer usable in other line items

    • Fixed visual bugs in emailed Sales Order and Invoice slips

    • Fixed batch adjust quantity dialog not opening

    • Fixed Distru Connect signup bug when 2 or more Metrc facilities have the same name

    • Fixed bug that prevents users from clearing the LeafLink API key

    • Fixed bug when emailing SO slip and Request slip on creation

    • No longer override existing LL discount name on order charge

    • Remove leaflink mapping on user deactivate/delete

August 2022

  • New Features

    • Distru Mobile

      • Now always automatically update to the latest version

      • Added new dashboard view

      • Add create product to teardowns

    • Add Unit Net Weight/Volume and Unit Serving Size to Distru Products

    • Carry over Metrc package notes to child packages if not a Production Batch

    • Allow users to reserve all the remaining quantity of a package with pending assemblies for a sales order item

    • Added filter to Invoice History Report - "Shipped From License"

    • Added filter to Sales by Product Report - "Shipped From License"

    • Added "License" column to QB Desktop exports

    • Added "Line Item Subtotal" column to QB Desktop Invoices export

    • Paginate locations in settings page

    • Removed guardrail when deleting Sales Order items when the SO has a payment associated

    • Auto-populate Metrc License field when opening Create Assembly form from Possible Quantity tab

    • Populate Inventory Source in Metrc Assembly form

    • Ignore 0-quantity packages in Metrc transfer when matching it with a SO

    • Integrate with Metrc Ohio

    • Allow setting location type when creating locations

  • Bug Fixes

    • Clear out date field by clearing out the text input

    • Fixed hanging submission in Repackage All Now workflow on SO

    • Fixed saving assemblies after deleting one or many ingredients and output items

    • Distru Mobile: Show the package number, when the package has been reserved with a pending inline assembly

    • Fixed archiving a Quickbooks activity

    • Fixed crash due to locations with no address when generating Excel file for Quickbooks Desktop

    • Save notes that users log about assemblies

    • Fixed creating tasks through the "Create Task" quick action

    • Handle source packages associated with deleted Metrc locations when creating a package in Metrc

    • Fixed mobile app feature to remove packages from SO

    • Fixed Mobile App package scan to fulfill

    • Fixed bug causing Case Size to not appear under line item quantity in SO form

    • Do not copy deleted taxes during order clone

July 2022

  • New Features

    • Only include primary COAs on Sales Order or Invoice COAs download

    • Leaflink

      • Populate Leaflink imported orders with external notes in Distru

      • Sync Distru payments to LeafLink

      • Improve Leaflink Product recreate UX in product edit form

    • Cultivation

      • Add plant tote weight delete

      • Allow users to name harvest batches

      • Remove "Create Teardown Form" in the app

      • Hide plant groups without any plant weighed when submitting a partial teardown

      • Reveal an Unweighed Plant List in the Mobile App

      • Include Harvests in the universal search results

      • Add “Harvest Batch” to Package Show Page and Package Table

      • Add Harvest Batch to Package Table Filter and Export

    • Add overpaid filter to SO reports

    • Default primary flag to true on Test Results form

    • Add pagination to package test results page

    • Allow admins to reactivate deactivated users

    • Speed up Incoming Transfers loading in Metrc shield

    • Use company timezone when setting default Package Date

    • Optimize Product Export speed

    • Allow users without a Metrc API key to edit Metrc-matched POs

    • Speed up calculating importable package count in Metrc shield

    • Change to more prominently show both product and package quantities when they have different unit types

    • Change to always include the Metrc item in the source package in the dropdown shown in the Split Package dialog

    • Modify all uploaders to handle blank fields

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fix timeout when importing Metrc tags

    • Improve Metrc Test Result Import Speed

    • Add price validations for LeafLink synced orders

    • Fix corrupted package after completing pending inline repackaging

    • Auto-repair packages associated with pending assemblies

    • Fix bug that leads to matched SOs with package-less order items

    • Do not crash when handling lab testing state changes for packages without test results in Metrc

    • Fix map page styles by changing the map filter button implementation

    • Fix filtering LeafLink products by Archived listing state

    • Fix LeafLink case price rounding bug

    • Fix incorrect cost on partially assembled packages in COG report

    • Fix issues searching for Sales Orders that don't have a customer set

    • Fix bug that led to blank invoices

    • Fix issue that prevented SO-Transfer auto-matching: don't require $0 order items to match the package wholesale price in Metrc

    • When adding a Task, validate that its associated relation exists

    • Fix Error when matching Purchase Orders to Metrc Transfers

    • Fix contact form crashing on user triggered close

June 2022

  • New Features

    • Cultivation

      • Allow changing harvest name before submission

      • Add support for reweighing a plant included in the current harvest group

      • Add production batch number to teardowns

      • Added Tote Weighing support

      • Allow user to change dry location and name for harvest before submitting to Metrc

      • Paginate plants listing in harvest show page

      • Surface errors submitting a Harvest to Metrc to the user

      • Tote reweigh functionality

    • Add 406R- transport license format to CO licenses

    • Live Menu

      • CTRL-P makes a printable PDF of the menu

      • Hide non-applicable filters

    • Custom Fields are now on packages

    • Preserve invoice dates when updating associated sales order

    • Leaflink Integration

      • Add “Sync Product Sale Price and Wholesale Prices” to Leaflink Settings

      • Add ability to filter and view listing state on LL products

    • Add company setting to calculate Invoice Date based on the Order Delivery Date

    • Improve Metrc shield performance

    • Added option to Company settings: show source package on Sales Order PDF

    • Added option to Company settings: Expose Location on Sales Order PDF

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed crash when creating Metrc return for order with non-Metrc order items on it

    • Shipment signature pad now sized appropriately

    • Fix Tooltips blocking DateInputs on the SO form

    • Allow users to view settings even when they cannot import companies/products

    • Fixed crash while downloading companies from LL if license info is null

    • Fixed crash on package table and page when location has been deleted

    • Fix pre-existing COGS bugs around assembling packages

    • Make Package Export and COG report work for customers with many packages

    • Fix SO export crash when using search filter

    • Fix split package bugs

    • Inventory audit performance improvements

May 2022

  • Cultivation Harvest Module Beta Release!!!

  • Bulk Edit Product Field: Product Tags, Inactivate/Activate Products

  • Added setting option to sync $0 Purchase Orders to QBO

  • Added filter to Packages Table for "Contains Remediated Material"

  • Live Menu: Expose category/subcategory/group chips on List View

  • Fix cut off logo on shipping manifests

  • Improvements around inventory source when importing Leaflink orders

  • Live Menu: Added Back to Menu Button

  • Allow users to set additional Leaflink fields on Distru Product

    • Show Inventory Quantity to buyers

    • Leaflink License

    • Leaflink Brand

    • Grow Type

    • Product Line

    • Sell in multiples

  • Archived Leaflink products are now hidden from view on dropdown selectors

  • Auto connect Distru mobile app to scale for harvest weighing

  • Live Menu: Customers can add a custom message to checkout pages

  • Refresh order totals when order items are changed by price tiers

  • Ignore Metrc test results with invalid attributes (i.e. THC/CBD % greater than 100)

  • Live Menu: Configurable Minimum Order Value

  • Color Palette update: New greens, blues and other colors throughout the app - more contrast to help colorblind users

  • Allow users to update Sales Orders with returns associated

April 2022

  • Added Sales Order Bulk Edit Fields: Internal/External Notes, Customer, Billing Location, Shipping Location, Custom Fields

  • Added Product Bulk Edit Fields: Custom Fields

  • Added data sources to the label printer

    • Packages: Received Date, Expiration Date, Product name (QR Code)

    • Batches: Product Name (QR Code)

    • Products: Product Name (QR Code)

  • Case Size added to Products

  • Fulfillment Tasks added to Sales Orders for Mobile Pick and Pack fulfillment

  • Case-scanning option added to Products for Mobile Pick and Pack fulfillment

  • Show flag on packages that contain remediated material

  • Live Menu: Always display grid/list view mode buttons

  • Distru Mobile update

    • Fixes hard crash on older android devices when scanning tag for repackaging

    • shows backend errors when attempting a repackage that fails

    • Filters non-metrc SO order items from the fulfillment task list

    • Shows an empty coming soon message if there are no metrc order items on an SO

    • other minor behind-the-scenes bugfixes

  • Allow combining Metrc and non-Metrc line items in Sales Orders

  • Live Menu: Enable ordering by case size, enable list view quantity selection

March 2022

  • Fixed task relations not working when creating new tasks

  • Allow companies to modify behavior of auto-matching of internal Metrc transfers to Sales Orders

  • Fixed bug preventing users from updating LeafLink-synced SOs if they have a product whose Distru-LeafLink mapping had been disconnected

  • Added optional Leaflink Webhook integration to enable much faster order and product sync from LeafLink to Distru

  • New Main Menu sidebar design

  • Allow product-tracked products when importing Leaflink orders into Distru

  • Now Distru won't group order items associated with different LeafLink order items

  • Added Product Bulk Edit fields: Category, Subcategory

  • Previously Distru would sync available inventory levels to LeafLink every 10 minutes. Now it’s every 3 minutes!

  • Decrease form load time when matching incoming/outgoing transfers with many packages to new POs/SOs

  • Decrease wait time when submitting the import transfer form for transfers with many packages

  • 2x faster search results when searching through the top bar

  • Dramatic speed improvements when loading menu, which was timing out for some customers

February 2022

  • Metrc Test Results are now automatically created on Distru packages

  • Added a new filter to the packages table called COA Attached which allows users to filters packages by whether they have a primary test result with a PDF attached or not

  • Added "Title of Person Receiving/Rejecting Product" write-in field to the Shipping Manifest PDF (We got you Oklahoma!)

  • Distru Analytics now available from within the app

  • Added new fields to Bulk Edit functionality

    • Products

      • Group

      • Description

      • Owner

      • Vendor

      • Brand

      • Menu Visibility

      • QBO Item Mapping

  • Added Shipper/Receiver License/Phone to PO PDF slip

  • Added Assembly filters to the Calendar

  • Added Maine and Missouri as Metrc-integrated states in Distru

  • Exposed Default Inventory Source location name on Company page

  • Removed the gradient that covers product images in the Product Menu

  • Auto-repair quantity discrepancies on selling packages. Previously Distru wasn’t able to auto-repair discrepancies on packages associated to SOs, so users had to manually remove the package from the SO and repair the package. Now Distru automatically removes the package from the SO and repairs the discrepancy

  • Allow selecting packages in any status in Label Printing customizer page. Previously you could only select Active and Finished packages

  • 🐛 Fixed crash when navigating from one table with filters applied to another table

  • 🐛 Fixed edge case bug preventing users from importing incoming transfer as a PO

  • 🐛 Fixed Bulk-downloading invoices from the SOs table when the SOs was being filtered


  • Optimized the Sales Order form! Learn More

    • Added Pending Inline Repackaging - Allows reserving a partial quantity of a whole package without creating a new package, allowing Sales Reps to guarantee that a specific potency has been reserved for their order

      • Added a Repackage All button at the top of the SO, allowing you to complete all pending inline repackaging in a single effort

    • Added collapsable sections for easy navigation

    • Moved SO Status to the top right corner

    • Added button to Create Fulfillment Task upon SO creation

    • Reorganized the Customer info fields


  • Added new Label Printing/Customization! Learn More

    • Customize Label Templates with automated data from packages/products

    • Print labels based on the template for any packages or product, instantly!

    • Label Templates can now include a QR code which has a link to the package number, or COA!

  • Added new filters to the Assembly Table

  • Added Export CSV option to selected Assemblies on the Assembly Table (Production Log)

  • Removed "Total Inventory" sum from being viewable on the Products Table

  • Optimized the Split Package Feature to support at least 50 new output packages

  • Optimized Metrc Location integration to activate if the specified License has Metrc Locations enabled (now including CA Microbusiness)

  • Added Location to Batches Table filters

  • Added fields to Bulk Edit functionality on the Companies Table

  • Added functionality to add multiple packages at once to an internal transfer within a single license

2021-12-13: Allow users to create Metrc Locations when creating Distru Locations

2021-12-13: Added Leaflink Product association page for easy bulk editing

2021-12-08: Add more fields to companies bulk edit (e.g. invoice/order/shipment/purchase emails)

2021-12-08: Added additional filters to the Assemblies Table

2021-12-07: Add Company-specific setting to display Location name vs Company name on the SO/Invoice PDF under the Bill To/Ship To addresses

2021-11-22: Add "Invoice Number" to columns on Sales Order Item History Report

2021-11-22: Edit the Leaflink Customer association between a Distru Company

2021-11-22: Auto-create Distru Locations based on Metrc locations for Cultivation Licenses

2021-11-22: Fix bug preventing user from adding/voiding PO payments

2021-11-22: Split Package now supports multiple Production Batches and individual package notes that sync to Metrc

2021-11-22: Hitting “Save Profile” in My Profile page now saves metrc user key

2021-11-10: Added kebab (3 dot) menus to the Products Table [New]

2021-11-10: Added the Shipping and Billing address to the SO Dashboard view with a copy button, making copy/pasting addresses for logistics quick and easy. [New]

2021-11-08: Automatically create + match Leaflink Customer to Distru Customer if the license number and/or name matches [New]

2021-11-08: Moved bulk-editing button outside of 3-dot menu for easy access [New]

2021-11-08: Added video walkthrough to Settings > Integrations > Leaflink [New]

2021-11-08: Added address requirement to adding internal Cultivation licenses for seamless Metrc integration [New]

2021-11-08: Fixed SO History timeout when downloading large CSV [Fixed]

2021-11-08: Clock feature now supports manual type-in entry [New]

2021-11-02: Fixed bug blocking some companies from creating new locations [Fixed]

2021-11-02: Fixed slow-down occurring on the Product Menu [Fixed]

2021-10-27: Fixed Inventory Valuation Report to show decimals on the Active Value columns [Fixed]

2021-10-27: Fixed bug where finished packages still had the finished status after being unfinished in Metrc [Fixed]

2021-10-27: After matching a Distru Product to a Leaflink Item, any Leaflink orders that failed to sync because of the missing association will be automatically re-synced. [New]

2021-10-27: Added support for matching a Leaflink-synced Sales Order to an existing Metrc Transfer. Also included the ability to group multiple packages under one line item when matching the transfer [New]

2021-10-22: Added prompt when deleting a Distru SO that is synced with Leaflink to reject the order in Leaflink [New]

2021-10-15: Added a link to the Leaflink Help Guide to Settings > Integrations > Leaflink [New]

2021-10-15: Added a "Repackage All" wizard to SOs with pending repackages awaiting for fulfillment for easy access [New]

2021-10-15: Added +/- toggle for adjustments on mobile keyboard [New]

2021-10-15: Users without Metrc API keys attached to their profile can now reserve packages for a Sales Order [Fixed]

2021-10-15: Assemblies created by a Sales Order are now automatically deleted when the relevant line item is deleted on the Sales Order [New]

2021-10-07: Direct Package Importer has been revamped! [New

2021-09-28: Leaflink Credits are now synced as discounts on Distru Sales Orders [New]

2021-09-28: Combining orders in Leaflink will now cancel the original 2 linked SOs in Distru, and create a new SO with the combined list of line items [New]

2021-09-28: Fixed a bug on the Split Package feature causing dropdown menus for products to linger after selection [Fixed]

2021-09-28: Improved performance on Product pages and Product Table [Fixed]

2021-09-28: BOM ingredients are now sorted by date created from the product page [Fixed]

2021-09-28: Label Editor > UPC Barcode minimum size reduced to 0.69"x0.41" [New]

2021-09-23: Assemblies created through a Sales Order now display a link to the SO the assembly is for [New]

2021-09-23: Additional email addresses can now be added to receive Leaflink error messages [New]

2021-09-23: We can now turn off POs from syncing to QBO, while still syncing sales Invoices [New]

2021-09-16: Metrc-Tracked assembly ingredients can now pull from an individual inventory location [New]

2021-09-16: Deleting a product will now remove that product's info from all BOMs [Fixed]

2021-09-15: Added a setting for Leaflink-Synced Sales Orders to use a customer-specific Inventory Source by default [New]

2021-09-13: Now supporting Metrc Location integration in Massachusetts [New]

2021-09-13: Allows users to change the inventory source on Leaflink-Synced Sales Orders [New]

2021-09-10: Fixed infinite loop edge case inside the Label Customizer [Fixed]

2021-09-09: Sort active packages to top of list under warehouse dropdown [Fixed]

2021-09-09: Allow users to manually change the customer on a Leaflink-synced Sales Order [New]

2021-09-07: Allow users to update Sales Orders with Invoices totaling $0 [Fixed]

2021-09-07: Fractional quantities can no longer be entered on a Leaflink-synced-Distru SO, if the Leaflink item does not allow fractional quantities [Fixed]

2021-09-07: Invoices created with batch-tracked items that don't have a batch selected no longer crash on the preview screen [Fixed]

2021-09-07: Auto-Match Distru Products to packages when importing packages or transfers! [New]

2021-09-07: Allow Custom Fields to be Bulk Edited in CRM > Companies [New]

2021-08-31: Make error message easily visible when Inventory Source is not selected before attempting to complete a Sales Order [Fixed]

2021-08-31: Fixed issue case preventing scheduled QBD exports from being delivered [Fixed]

2021-08-27: For MI Customers: Extended list of available license types [Fixed]

2021-08-26: Add 400% and 500% zoom to label customizer. Also auto-set zoom to 500% when user enters width or height less than 1.5 inches [New]

2021-08-26: Enhanced the support email automatically sent when a LeafLink order failed to sync to Distru due to low inventory in the default location [Fixed]

2021-08-26: Add LeafLink order number to Sales Order PDF, Invoice PDF and Shipping Manifest PDF [New]

2021-08-26: Include LeafLink Order ID in Sales Order Table Export CSV [New]

2021-08-26: Allow searching for LeafLink Order ID in the search box in the SOs table and dashboard [New]

2021-08-19: Images can now be added to templates in the Label Customizer! [New]

2021-08-12: Add delivery date filter to sales leaderboard report [New]

2021-08-12: Added two new filters to the Products table [New]

  • Metrc Strain: When filtering by Metrc Strain, the products table will show any products with at least one package whose Metrc item has any of the strains selected in the filter.

  • Has 0 active quantity: Allows user to filter products with a positive active quantity or products with 0 active quantity.

2021-08-12: Allow zero cost and zero price on price tier items [Fixed]

2021-08-09: Sort line item inventory sources by available quantity on Sales Order form [New]

2021-08-09: Pre-fill Metrc item from Distru product in the Split Package, Create Test Sample, and Assembly form [New]

2021-08-09: Fixed Transporter license number not appearing on Metrc Transfer Template [Fixed]

2021-08-09: Display error text when text overflows in the Label Customizer [Fixed]

2021-08-05: Enhanced "Moved Packages within License" flow to support creating transfers between internal Distru locations, Metrc locations, or both! Available from 3-dot menu for any package or the Quick Create Menu [New]

2021-08-05: Label Customizer: Allow for resizing and dragging text boxes while in edit-mode [New]

2021-08-04: For MI, OR, OK: Added Metrc Location selection to the Split Packages template [New]

2021-08-04: Added Total User Count to Settings > Manage Users and Roles [New]

2021-08-02: Change display name of Calendar Events (ex. Show Sales Orders by Customer Name) [New]

2021-08-02: Assemblies in the Calendar! You can filter them by Status, Owner, Creator and Custom Fields [New]

2021-07-30: Change the minimum dimension of a barcode and QR code from 60 to 30 pixels in the Label Template Customizer [New]

2021-07-30: Fix label templates disappearing when the zoom settings are changed [Fixed]

2021-07-30: For MI, OK and OR customers, the Metrc location is now automatically filled based on the parent package. This applies when creating a test sample or creating an assembly directly from a package [New]

2021-07-30: Invoices on the Calendar can now be filtered by Total, Amount Paid, and Custom Fields! [New]

2021-07-22: For MI, OR, OK, and MA users: Metrc Location added to Output Package in Assemblies! You can now set the Metrc Location of any new package you're assembling! [New]

2021-07-22: Fixed Product Menu to show all products containing inventory [fixed]

2021-07-22: Fixed scroll on mobile-browser UI so that the Chat bubble does not cover the 3-dot menu on packages [fixed]

2021-07-22: Fixed Payment Status filter on Sales Orders Table to not show fully paid orders under the Paying filter [fixed]

2021-07-22: Fixed Label Template Customizer to exit edit-mode [fixed]

2021-07-20: Fixed Samples filter in Sales Order Item History report [fixed]

2021-07-20: Enabled Transfer Template Transporter License functionality for all states [update]

2021-07-20: Fixed license expiration date input on Companies so it no longer fails when selecting a date [fixed]

2021-07-20: Fixed showing Bill of Materials icon in products table when it didn't have a BOM [fixed]

2021-07-20: Fixed request permissions for request fulfillment in User Roles [fixed]

2021-07-20: Fixed all SOs with delivery date on YTD filter [fixed]

2021-07-20: Fixed search on Sales Order dashboard view and some filters that were not working [fixed]

2021-07-20: You can now zoom on the label customizer [new]

2021-07-20: Added Packaged Date on Package page and Packages table [ new]

2021-07-20: New Calendar filters [new]

  • By related task

  • By custom fields

2021-07-20: Fixed typing in of large/small numbers in Split Package dialog [fixed]

2021-07-20: The calendar sidebar is now fixed-width when you adjust the screen, and will appear below the calendar if adjusted small enough [new]

2021-07-15: You'll now always see the packages CSV export option on the Packages Table [fixed]

2021-07-15: Fixed assemblies not being created due to ingredients shared test results [fixed]

2021-07-15: You can now create a Metrc item and strain with the name of a deleted Metrc item/strain [new]

2021-07-15: Label Customizer bug fixes [fixed]

  • Label PDF generation

  • Label sizing issues

  • Inability to select product SKU as label data source

  • Showing incorrect QR code on print label dialog

2021-07-12: We now show batch UID next to batch name [new]

2021-07-12: Allow interacting with table when filters sidebar is open [new]

2021-07-12: Added export packages functionality to packages table [new]

2021-07-12: You can now convert compatible unit types in Split Packages [new]

2021-07-12: Added Create Assembly From Package option to Package dropdown menu [new]

2021-07-08: Deleting products with a Bill of Materials associated will delete that product in the Bill of Materials automatically. [new]

2021-07-08: Clear search text when clicking on the x in the table search bar [new]

2021-07-08: Fixed filtering by brands in sales order report [fixed]

2021-07-06: COGS report and COG (Metrc Inventory) reports are now available! Go to Reports → Financial. Learn more here. [new]

2021-07-06: Improved search bar functionality to ensure exact matches are always shown first and increase the text similarity threshold to get rid of results that are too different from the search term [fixed]

2021-07-06: Fixed the incorrect sorting of products when searching in product selector of the Sales Order form [update]

2021-07-06: For Michigan, Oklahoma, and Oregon users we added Metrc Location column to the following places [new]

  • Package Export

  • Packages table

  • Package detail page

20201-07-06: Added new filters to packages table [update]

  • Created At

  • Updated At

  • Product Category

  • Product Subcategory

  • Product Vendor

  • Product Brand

2021-07-02: Fixed a bug where previously, if a package was associated to a Cancelled Sales Order, we wouldn’t allow you to add that package to another Sales Order. Now you can. [fixed]

2021-07-02: There are new filters on packages table [update]

  • Batch Number

  • Unit Type

  • Lab Testing State

  • Is Test Sample

  • Has 0 Available Quantity

2021-06-30: For Oregon users: You can now set a list of transporter license numbers and pick from that list when creating a transfer template [new]

2021-06-30: We've removed some previous restrictions on assembly input item locations:

  • You can now set assembly input batch-tracked and product-tracked inventory from any location regardless of the assembly location.

  • You can now can set assembly input packages from any location as long as they are in the same license where the assembly takes place.

2021-06-30: Sample filter has been added to the Sales Order Item History report [new]

2021-06-30: You can now filter by Product from the Packages table [new]

2021-06-30: Metrc Montana integration is now available! [new]

2021-06-28: Bulk editing and downloading is now available! [new]

  • You can bulk edit Description and Owner on the Companies table. More fields coming soon!

  • You can bulk download Invoices, Order Slips and Packing Slips from the Sales Order table

2021-06-23: We extended Change product on package feature to work in all scenarios except when the package is associated to a Sales Order [new]

2021-06-23: We now exclude already selected packages from package selector in Assembly and SO forms [new]

2021-06-23: Fixed a bug when completing a pending assembly via the checkbox in the assembly page when an input package has a different unit type than its product would fail [fixed]

2021-06-21: Scenarios where a Metrc tag reserved in a pending assembly gets used to create a package directly in Metrc are now handled with proper errors [fixed]

2021-06-21: You can now input zero for Sale Price and Product Cost on Products [new]

2021-06-21: Fixed issue for Oklahoma customers when their outgoing transfer packages get rejected preventing Distru returns from being created [fixed]

2021-06-21: Fixed issue causing users to hit error The autogenerated number has already been taken when creating SOs, POs, Invoices, etc. [fixed]

2021-06-18: The sidebar navigation is now organized into different groupings for better organization [new]

2021-06-18: You can now open all major forms in a new tab by clicking the arrow icon at the top of the form [new]

2021-06-16: Cut off first prefix character in QB desktop exports so you can more easily match up invoices [fixed]

2021-06-16: Outgoing transfers imported with mismatched unit types is now fixed [fixed]

2021-06-16: We now reset billing and shipping when you select a customer with no location on a Sales Order [fixed]

2021-06-16: Added batch UID to work order [new]

2021-06-14: Fixed a bug when importing an incoming transfer containing a package that is in another Sales Order [fixed]

2021-06-14: Reports, exports and tables with custom dates no longer show timestamps, only dates [fixed]

2021-06-14: Sales orders not saving when there are blank or deleted items is now fixed [fixed]

2021-06-14: New invoices default to the owner of the Sales Order, not the current user [new]

2021-06-14: Creating a product inside a Purchase Order will now prefill fields based on the package information [new]

2021-06-08: Creating a product inside a Purchase Order has been fixed [fixed]

2021-06-08: Toggling between multiple Distru accounts is now accessible in the side menu [new]

2021-06-08: Purchasing and selling packages with different unit type than the product is now possible. Reach out to your CSR or start a chat to request this. [new]

2021-06-08: Sales Order field fixes [fixed]

  • You can now clear custom date field

  • Clearing the delivery date field now keeps it cleared

2021-06-08: In the label customizer, you can double click to edit text and data fields [new]

2021-06-08: Split package confirmation dialog bug where unit types did not match is now fixed [fixed]

2021-06-07: Label printing bug fixes [fixed]

  • Fixed crash when downloading PDF of label

  • Fixed print label displaying the wrong QR code

2021-05-31: Fixed a bug that prevented Price Tiers from being applied when fulfilling a Request. [fixed]

2021-05-28: You can now clone Metrc-matched Sales Orders. All information will copy over except Packages. [new]

2021-05-26: If you click out of a new form that you started to populate, or click out of a form that you started editing, you will see a warning. Another guardrail to prevent you from losing important updates! [update]

2021-05-26: You can now clear the delivery date on Sales Orders. [new]

2021-05-26: You can now clone products! Cloning a product will copy all information, including Quickbook and BOMs tabs, over to a new product. [new]

2021-05-26: We have a Chrome extension! 🎉 [new]

  • In the event of a Metrc outage, you can install the extension and it will send data to Metrc by opening a tab to Metrc and pre-filling form fields.

2021-05-19: 3 new columns were added to the Sales Order CSV export (the one you can export from within the Orders table): Order Date, Due Date and Delivery Date . These columns were already present, but they only had the dates in UTC. Now we display such dates in the company timezone [update]

2021-05-19: Bug fixes for the label customizer [fixed]:

  • Issues saving custom variables has been fixed

  • Issue fetching values for custom fields has been fixed

2021-05-18: For customers using the LeafLink integration, you can now sync inventory to LeafLink from multiple Distru locations. To update this, go to Settings → Integrations → LeafLink → Settings and choose the locations to sync available inventory. If you have multiple locations with finished goods, this will be beneficial [update]

2021-05-18: Visual improvements to Return Items feed in Sales Order page, Sales Order dashboard view and Return page [update]

  • For package-tracked return items, we now render the package label that links to the package page and stop rendering the dummy B1 batch.

  • For batch-tracked return items, we link to both the batch page and the product page. Previously we were only linking to the batch page.

  • For product-tracked return items, we stopped rendering the dummy B1 batch and simply render the product name and a link to it.

2021-05-17: By request only, we can enable an Account Number field to Companies. This new field can be seen in the Companies Export and in the Export Invoices report under the Quickbooks Desktop integration. Reach out to your CSR or start a chat to request this. [new]

2021-05-17: We have updated the list of CA license types. To see or edit these, go to Companies table → Edit Company → Add License [update]

2021-05-17: From the live menu, when requesting an order or placing an order, you'll now get a confirmation message that tells you the order was successfully requested or placed [new]

2021-05-17: Fixed a bug when non-California customer created a wholesale transfer template, the package prices were not syncing to Metrc [fixed]

2021-05-14: You can now create a product from the Package Import flow [new]:

2021-05-13: Fixed an invoice bug that affected non-Metrc customers when invoicing an order item without a batch associated [fixed]

2021-05-13: The Preview Invoice feature is accessible in some new places [new]:

  • Invoice page

  • Invoices table (new)

  • Sales Order table (new)

  • Sales Order dashboard (new)

  • Sales Order page (new)

2021-05-13: By request only, syncing of QBO invoice payments and purchase payments can be turned off. Reach out to your CSR or start a chat to request this. [new]

2021-05-13: The live menu now only loads 50 products at a time, and has "infinite scroll" (more are loaded as you scroll to the bottom). This makes the menu usable for customers with hundreds of products on the menu. [update]

2021-05-12: From the Assemblies table view, you now have options to edit, download work order, preview work order, or delete. Just click the 3 dots next to the Assembly Number [new]

2021-05-11: We now auto-match transfers to SOs, even if they were not created via a transfer template [new]

  • Auto-matching only happens when the outgoing transfer has the exact packages and same quantity an order has.

2021-05-10: Deleted 0 placeholder when clicking into quantity field in Sales Order form [fixed]

2021-05-07: Oklahoma customers only - Fixed issue that was preventing Metrc Oklahoma customers from creating Transfer Templates [fixed]

2021-05-06: Two changes to the Sales Order History and Sales Order Item History reports [update]

  • Delivery Date column used to be expressed in UTC, now it’s in the company’s timezone.

  • New Delivery Date (UTC) column added, which is always expressed in UTC.

2021-05-06: Added Metrc Manifest Number column to the following reports and exports [new]

  • Sales Order History report, CSV only.

  • Sales Order Item History report, CSV only.

  • Invoice History report, CSV only.

  • Purchase Order History report, CSV only.

  • Export Sales Orders.

  • Export Purchase Orders.

2021-05-06: Nevada customers only - Added new fields to Create Metrc Item dialog [new]

  • CBD content

  • CBD percent

  • THC percent

  • Description

2021-04-28: When you upload a COA, the edit dialog pops up now making it easy to add cannabinoid info and make edits [update]

2021-04-27: Order item updates [fixed]

  • Errors are now displayed on the correct line item in orders

  • If the same product, location and unit price are added as two line items on an order, we will automatically merge them on the order instead of showing an error

2021-04-27: Assembly line items are no longer changing order when you add ingredients [fixed]

2021-04-27: Timezone selector is Company Settings is now working properly [fixed]

  • If you have no timezone selected, it will default to Los Angeles timezone

  • When you select a different timezone, it will save

2021-04-26: Only admins can delete activities [new]

2021-04-26: Performance improvements when exporting packages and COGS reports [fixed]

2021-04-22: Oklahoma only - Public Ingredients field added to Create Metrc Item [new]

2021-04-22: Creating Metrc items updates [added]:

  • When creating a Metrc item, you can edit Category and Unit Type

  • When creating a Metrc item, you'll only see Categories that are compatible with the product's Unit Type

  • When creating a Metrc item, you'll now see Category and Unit Type prefilled

2021-04-22: Payment terms updates [update]

  • For new accounts, default payment terms will be COD, Net 7, Net 14, Net 30 and Net 60

  • Payment terms can now be edited and deleted. Go to SettingsCustomize DistruPayment Terms

2021-04-20: When selecting multiple rows in a table, the products will remain selected even if you move between pages on that table [shipped]

2021-04-19: You can now export user-generated activities such as phone calls, notes, and meetings. Go to SettingsExport DataExport Activity [new]

2021-04-19: Sorting and filters are kept when navigating back and forth between Sales Order table and Sales Order dashboard [fixed]

2021-04-19: Added **SAMPLE** to sample line items on invoice PDFs [new]

2021-04-19: When downloading COAs for a SO or invoice, the COAs in the PDF are now ordered the same as the packages in the SO items or invoice items [update]

2021-04-13: Metrc Oklahoma integration! [new]

2021-04-13: Improved performance of packages export [update]

2021-04-13: When you select a custom filter on any table, that filter will remain persistent until you change it [fixed]

2021-04-13: Tours on tables have been fixed. To enable table tours, go to Settings > Account > Tour Settings [fixed]

2021-04-08: You can now choose how many rows are displayed per page on all tables. It will remember your selection and apply it across the app on every table [new]

2021-04-02: Companies, Products and Sales Order tables now have adjustable columns [update]

2021-04-01: We now allow cultivators from states outside of California to create test samples [new]

2021-03-18: If a file or report is too large to attach to an email, you'll see a link to download the file in your email instead of the attachment [update]

2021-03-18: Fixed bug that caused some transfers and packages to not show up in Distru after a long Metrc outage [fixed]

2021-03-18: Improvements around inventory audits caused by packages with negative quantity in Metrc [fixed]

  • We do not report a discrepancy for packages with 0 quantity in Distru and negative quantity in Metrc

  • Distru will now auto-repair packages with positive quantity in Distru and negative quantity in Metrc by setting the Distru package quantity to 0

2021-03-18: Inventory audit banner now appears again [fixed]

  • The red banner: You have unresolved Metrc inventory audit issues wasn't appearing for ~3 weeks, but it's now appearing again

2021-03-18: Performance improvement when loading list of Metrc transfers available for import [fixed]

  • Loading Metrc transfers for import should be much faster now

2021-03-18: Search bar results for Closed and Canceled requests de-prioritized [update]

  • We de-prioritized Closed and Canceled requests when you type into the main search bar so you see more relevant results at the top

2021-03-18: Package table columns [added]

  • The THC % and CBD % columns are now visible by default on the Packages table.

2021-03-05: Metrc Status banner and section (related to Metrc API Outage) [new]

  • To determine whether the Metrc API outage is affecting you, you'll see a red banner at the top of Distru telling you that your Metrc account is experiencing API delays. Then click the Metrc shield to see the status of your license(s)

  • If there's a red dot 🔴 next to your license, we can't fetch or push data

  • If there's an orange dot 🟠 next to your license, we are having trouble pushing or fetching data. If you hover over the dot, you'll see exactly what the issue it

  • If there's a green dot 🟢 next to your license, everything is working fine

2021-03-02: Distru will auto-reconcile your assembly outputs with packages created in Metrc (related to Metrc API Outage [added]

  • We'll auto-match unsynced assembly outputs with packages in Metrc as long as the assembly output package and the Metrc package have the same label, quantity, unit type and Metrc item.

2021-03-01: Distru will automatically backfill your transfers after a long Metrc outage (related to Metrc API Outage) [added]

  • As soon as Metrc comes back online, we'll automatically backfill all transfers received or transferred out during the outage

2021-03-01: Distru will auto-repair your packages (related to Metrc API Outage) [added]

  • From now on every 10 minutes Distru will find all package discrepancies and auto-repair them.

  • Any package that can't be auto-repaired will keep showing up in the Inventory Audit feed as usual.

  • Company admins will get an email every night with the list of packages from their company that were auto-repaired.

2021-02-19: Reconcile your failed assemblies (related to Metrc API Outage) [added]

  • You can now reconcile an Assembly that failed with a Package you created in Metrc after-the-fact.

  • Read this Help Article for more info

2021-02-10: Change to Metrc Sales Orders [added]

  • When an outgoing transfer is received in Metrc, the Sales Order it's matched to will be automatically moved to Delivered if it had a status prior to Delivered.

  • A SO matched to a received Metrc transfer can only have Delivered or Completed status.

  • Any package associated to a Delivered SO will from now on have Sold status.

2021-02-10: When filling out the Bill of Materials on a product, the name field will auto-populate based on the name of the product [added]

2021-02-09: Live menus are now sorted alphabetically by product name [added]

2021-02-09: Returns column is now in the Sales Order History report and the Sales Order Item History report [added]

2021-02-09: Available Quantity in Products now sorts properly [BUG FIXED]

2021-02-09: QBO Integration now supports users renaming products, services, customers, and vendors without messing up the sync [added]

2021-02-09: Invoice History Report has more detailed columns to help you break down all costs with better visibility [added]

2021-02-09: You can now see Subtotals on the Sales Order and Invoice tables, and in the Sales Order and Invoice summary [added]

Add a new column to the Sales Order and Invoice table:

See the Subtotal in the sidebar summary of Sales Orders and Invoices:

2021-02-09: Distru now supports Nevada customers and is integrated with Metrc Nevada! [added]

2021-02-03: Drag and Drop Test Result PDFs [new]

  • You can now drag and drop COA PDF files into packages

2021-01-26: QBO Sync Error Visibility [update]

  • If a QBO sync fails with a detailed error, we'll now show that to you on the Quickbooks Activities views.

  • If you see ... on the error text, click the text to expand and see the full error(s) we got from QBO complete with error code.

2021-01-21: Bill of Materials (BOMs) replace Assembly Presets [new] 🎉

  • Edit Products to list their BOMs

  • Easily populate ingredients on Assemblies

  • View "Possible Quantity" based on the available inventory of the SKU's Ingredients/BOMs

  • Any existing Assembly Presets in your account have been converted to the output Product's BOMs

  • Read our Help Center article for more info!

2021-01-21: Link to Distru Referrals added to Menu [update]

  • Get a kickback for any Companies you refer to Distru! Easily access information about our referral program from your Distru menu

2021-01-21: Reports Page Optimized [update]

  • The Reports page has been expanded for improved visibility and ease of navigation

2021-01-21: Cannabinoid Fields added to Packages Export, Sales Order Item History Report and Transaction History Report [update]

  • The follow fields have been added to relevant exports and reports. These fields can be filled out while adding/updating test results on a Package

  • THC %

  • THC mg/g

  • THC THC %

  • Total THC mg/g

  • CBD %

  • CBD mg/g

  • Total CDB %

  • Total CBD mg/g

2021-01-21: Invoice Line Items Stay in Order [BUG FIXED]

  • We have fixed a bug in the system that had been randomly reordering Invoice Line Items

  • Now your Invoice Line Items will remain in the order they are in when you save the Sales Order

2021-01-20: Invoices display the Billing and Shipping addresses along with the Company's phone number [update]

2021-01-12: Adding/Updating Test Results on children packages updates all related packages as well [update]

  • Now you can add or update the test results of a parent or child package to apply those test results across all related packages

  • Removing or updating test results from any package will remove those test results from all related packages

2021-01-12: Enter Cannabinoid Content on Packages [new]

  • Fill in data fields to record THC and CBD levels on a Package level. This data will be displayed via:

- As columns in the Packages table

- In the single package view on the left of the Package’s overview section (Customize Columns to reveal)

- In the single product view under the Inventory section

- Sales Order Item History Report

- Transaction History Report

- COGS Report (coming soon to an account near you!)

  • Designate a Default Test Result to be applied across all children packages

2021-01-12: Output Products and Output Packages columns on Assemblies table [new]

  • See which products and packages were made from your Assemblies

2021-01-06: Select your Package Date in Assemblies [new]

  • When creating a new Package in an Assembly, you can now backdate the Metrc Package Date

  • If left blank, the Package Date will be set to the day the Assembly was Completed

2021-01-04: Package and Batch-tracked Ingredients in Assemblies are grouped by Product [update]

  • Ingredients in Assemblies are now grouped by Product - select the Ingredient and choose all of the packages/batches you plan to use under that one Ingredient instead of adding a new Ingredient for each package/batch.

🎉🎉 ¡¡HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🎉🎉

2020-12-30: Drag and drop to rearrange columns [new]

2020-12-16: Returns and Batches table now have resizeable columns [updated]

  • The following tables all have adjustable column width:

Returns, Batches, Assemblies, Requests, Purchases, Invoices, Packages, Contacts, Tasks, and Transfers 🙌

2020-12-10: Assemblies table now has resizeable columns [updated]

  • Drag and drop to adjust the column width on the Assemblies, Requests, Purchases, Invoices, Packages, Contacts, Tasks, and Transfers tables!

2020-12-07: Requests and Purchases tables now have resizeable columns [updated]

  • Requests, Purchases, Invoices, Packages, Contacts, Tasks, and Transfers have adjustable column widths

2020-12-03: Unmatching of Sales Orders is now supported in ALL cases [updated]

  • Any Sales Order can be unmatched from its Metrc transfer at any time, even if the packages on the Sales Order have been Returned and accepted back into your system

2020-12-03: Invoices table now has resizeable columns [updated]

  • Now the Invoices table has adjustable column widths, along with the Packages, Contacts, Tasks, and Transfer tables.

2020-12-01: Transfers table now has resizeable columns [updated]

  • Now in addition to the Packages, Contacts, and Tasks tables, the Transfer table also has adjustable column widths!

2020-11-16: Contacts and Tasks tables now have resizeable columns [updated]

  • Now in addition to the Packages table, the Contacts and Tasks tables also have adjustable column widths!

2020-11-11: Unmatching of Sales Orders from Metrc Transfers is now supported in most cases

  • You can now unmatch a Sales Order from its Metrc Transfer at any time, even if it has been accepted by the recipient.

  • The only case in which you will not be able to unmatch is if the transfer recipient has accepted some or all packages in the transfer, and then has sent one or more of those accepted packages back in a Return Transfer.

2020-11-03: Improved Workflow for Importing Internal Transfers as Stock Transfers

  • For accounts with multiple licenses in Distru, easily Import Internal Transfer as a Stock Transfer

  • You will still be able to import them as Sales Orders and Purchase Orders if desired

2020-10-20: Repackage Any Product Category V2 [updated]

  • Metrc's "Use Same Item" function is now available in Assemblies and while creating a Test Sample

  • You will be able to create packages for products even if your license cannot create the Metrc Item

2020-10-19: Packages have an editable Description field [added]

  • Edit from the Packages table by clicking in the blank space

  • Description can also be edited at any time from the Package's details page

2020-10-19: Download a ZIP Folder of COAs [added]

  • You can now choose to download a ZIP Folder containing separate PDF files of each COA associated with a Sales Order or Invoices

2020-10-07: Utilize Sales Order Statuses on Metrc-synced Sales Orders [added]

  • Matched Metrc Sales Orders can be Processing, Ready to Ship, Delivering, Delivered or Completed

  • Not-yet-matched Metrc Sales Orders can be Pending, Processing, Ready to Ship or Canceled

  • Set a default status that Sales Orders should be set to when they become matched with their Metrc Transfers (Settings > Company Settings)

  • New column in the Sales Order table called Metrc Transfer which displays the Metrc Manifest number of the transfer matched to the Sales Order

  • New Filter for the Sales Orders table that allows users to filter Sales Orders by whether they are matched to a transfer or not

  • When all packages in a transfer have been rejected in Metrc, users can unmatch the Sales Order from the transfer to change its status to Canceled

  • Setting a Sales Order to Canceled will return all inventory on the order to Available

2020-10-07: Oklahoma-specific license types added to Oklahoma accounts [added]

2020-10-06: Repackage Any Product Category V1 [added]

  • Inline repackaging and split package now support packages with Metrc item categories not accessible to your license (Use Same Item checkbox in Metrc)

  • Use Inline Repackaging and Split Package to repackage products of any category

  • Metrc Item will appear as an option when repackaging

  • Coming Soon in V2 - Available in Assemblies and while creating Test Sample Packages

2020-09-30: Distru now supports Oregon customers and is integrated with Metrc Oregon! [added]

2020-09-29: Packages Table Rewrite [added]

  • Now supports column resizing

2020-09-25: Print/Download Assemblies as Work Orders [added]

  • Print or Download a PDF of your Pending or Completed assemblies as a Work Order

2020-09-21: Product Categories are editable [added]

  • Use any Metrc Product Category, regardless of your license type!

  • Edit a product's category at any time

  • Add categories and edit names Settings > Customize Distru > Product Categories

2020-09-15: Remedy Failed Assemblies [added]

  • Resolve Sync Issues without assistance from Distru!

  • Retry Sync available

  • Change Package Tags!

  • Auto-resync

  • Pick and choose which output to remove leaving the others intact

  • Valid tags available for re-use after error remedy

2020-09-15: Multi-output Assemblies v1 [feature]

  • This feature is currently opt-in and must be turned on at the request of an Admin user until we do a full rollout

  • Contact us if you'd like us to turn it on for you!

  • In this version, the input and output items must all agree in unit (g = g, lb = lb)

  • Converting between compatible unit types (g -> lb.) will be coming soon, followed by BOMs and converting between incompatible unit types (g -> ea) at a later date

2020-09-14: Report page overhaul! [added]

  • Clean new layout !

  • Sales By User renamed to Sales Leaderboard

  • OMMA Report appears for our Oklahoma Fam!

2020-09-14: Sort Products by Available and Reserved Quantities [fixed]

  • Sorting by available & reserved quantity on the products table is now fixed!

2020-09-02: Repair Package Discrepancies! [added]

  • Users can now repair discrepancies if they are an Admin or have the adjust product inventory permission

  • This feature is available for repairing quantity and/or finished/unfinished discrepancies

  • Other complex discrepancies (such as unit, transferred etc…) will still need to be performed by Distru

2020-08-28: New categories and settings for Oklahoma customers [added]

  • Oklahoma cannabis operators must send in a monthly report to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) that contains information such as inventory on hand at beginning and end of month, cannabis purchased, sold, manufactured, grouped by cannabis categories, etc.

  • The monthly report itself has not been released yet. But we have shipped the following changes related to the report:

  • When a new Oklahoma account is created, we now populate it with a list of Product Categories that should appear in the report.

  • Oklahoma users can create new Product Categories and configure them so that they appear in the monthly report.

  • Oklahoma companies have two new settings that allow them to configure the behavior of the monthly report.

2020-08-28: Metrc categories on new California accounts [added]

  • From now on, when a new CA Distru account is created, we will automatically create a Product Category for each Metrc item category.

  • Once Metrc licenses are added, each Product Category will be manually mapped to their Metrc counterparts.

2020-08-26: New Product Status on Order Slip PDF [added]

  • A new label on the Order Slip PDF now indicates whether an item is a sample, or has been fully or partially returned.

  • When it is fully returned, we prefix the product name with ** RETURNED **,

  • If it's a partial return we specify the quantity that was returned

2020-08-21: Set Default Terms & Services for Invoices [added]

  • Set a default message to appear on all invoices under Terms and Services

  • Go to Settings > Company > Company Settings > Invoice Settings

2020-08-21: Improvements to Transfer Template Form [added]

  • Recipient license number and address auto-populate based on customer data

  • Driving directions automatically filled out

  • This works for any customer with license and location info up to date

2020-08-11: Introducing: Pending Assemblies [new feature]

Create Assemblies Now, Save and Complete Later!

  • New Pending assembly status for assemblies created but not yet completed (and not yet synced to Metrc)

  • New Assembling package status for packages with total quantity consumed by an assembly

  • Available quantity from Active packages (even with an assembling quantity or 'partially assembled') will appear for use elsewhere in the software.

2020-08-10: Order Item Notes [added]

We just shipped the order item notes feature. It includes a "Note" field on the SO form that can be used to add custom notes per order item.

Also included on this release is a colored breakdown of the Order Slip PDF items, with the purpose of increasing its readability. We plan on doing the same change for other PDFs soon!

Two other changes worth noting that will be deployed throughout the day today:

  • Option to add notes on the embedded menu (when sales rep is logged in)

  • Tooltip to make it clear that this note will appear on the Order Slip, so it is potentially an external note

2020-08-07: Additional Status Columns on the Product Table [added]

  • The products table and show page now has Reserved, Available and Activity Quantities (before it was just Active)!

2020-08-07: Auto-filling of package tags [added]

  • The Split Package dialog and the Inline Repackaging form have a new toggle button that allows auto-filling of package tags! Simply select the first tag manually and then any subsequent tag fields will be auto-filled with the next available tag.

2020-08-06: Metrc Permissions Checker [added]

  • From now on, whenever an action in Distru pushes data to Metrc (assemblies, inline repackaging, splitting packages, adjust packages, finishing or unfinishing packages, creating items, creating strains, etc), Distru will send a request to Metrc to check if the user has sufficient permissions in Metrc to perform this operation.

  • If the user doesn't have permissions an error will be rendered in the form. There are two different error messages:

If the user's API key is invalid:

  • You are not authorized to perform this action because your Metrc API key has expired. Please generate a new one in Metrc and paste it into your Distru settings.

If the user's API key is valid but doesn't have permissions to do the specific operation:

  • You are not authorized to <ACTION> in Metrc. Please contact your Metrc admin and try again (where <ACTION> can be inline repackaging, splitting packages, adjust packages, etc; any action that pushes data from Distru to Metrc.

If Metrc is down or very slow, we won't be able to check if the user has permissions, so we will let all operations through. The goal of this feature is to reduce failed Metrc Activities prevent invalid keys or permissions from blocking the Metrc Activities of the entire account 😁

2020-07-29: Create Metrc Items and Strains [added]

  • From Quick Create Menu, choose Create Metrc Item / Strain

  • Auto push to all selected licenses in Metrc!

2020-07-22: We've added the ability to resize the columns on the Metrc Packages Table – The transfers expansion got a small makeover as well, with a tooltip that shows whether the transfers are incoming or outgoing.

2020-07-22: Admin users can now skip and unskip Metrc Transfers!

2020-07-16: Packages added to transfer templates will retain the order in Metrc when transfer is generated

  • To date, when transfer templates were created from SOs, the order of the packages would be different from the order on the SO. This is now fixed so that the transfer templates retain the same order as the sales order.

2020-07-15: Request form on live menu now shows company instead of name

  • To date anyone who came to the menu and checked out on the cart would have to enter a name which was confusing because it was unclear whether the user should put their own name or the company name

2020-07-14: Discontinuing an assigned package (a package that is added to a line item on an SO) will auto remove the package and alert SO owner

  • When a package is discontinued or finished in Metrc, Distru now checks if the package is associated to a pending or processing SO, and if so Distru will automatically remove the package from the SO and send an email to the SO owner (or company admin if the SO has no owner) informing them about this event.

2020-07-12: Metrc Packages that are finished yet have a positive quantity are now treated as regular active packages

  • Up till now, Distru used to incorrectly show these packages as finished, but now they are treated as active and can be used in inputs in assemblies, add them to SOs, etc.

2020-07-10: Metrc Packages that are both finished and have zero quantity are now automatically skipped for import into Distru when fetched from Metrc!

  • This does not retroactively fix previous packages, so if you need this, please reach out to support through live chat and let us know so that we can trigger a data backfill for you

  • If a finished zero quantity package is automatically skipped for import, and then later on you finish that package directly in Metrc, and then somehow has quantity again, we do not automatically undo the skipping. To skip, you will have to do it through the Metrc package standalone page

2020-07-01: Assign new tag to packages on SO form [added]

  • From the SO form, we've added the ability to assign a new tag to an existing package using the inline repackaging form

2020-07-01: Transfer template errors now are rendered on SO page [added]

  • When Distru fails to sync a transfer template to Metrc, not only we send an email to the SO owner with the error reason, but now the error also shows up in the SO page. (The screenshot shows a very generic error, but more often than not the errors will be more specific and helpful)

2020-06-29: Pagination and searching on packages import form [added]

  • Easily see large number of packages

  • Search for specific packages

2020-06-29: Transfer template error scenario improvements [added]

  • When a transfer template fails to sync to Metrc due to a user error, the owner of the SO (or an admin if the owner is not present) will receive an email notification.

  • Transfer template dialog will now show errors

2020-06-29: Create Metrc Items from Distru: V1 [added]

  • Create Metrc items from the Distru's Metrc shield or assembly form

  • Strain must already be created in Metrc *this will be added in Distru soon

  • V2 of this feature coming soon so feedback is welcomed!

2020-06-26: Edit Matched Orders [added]

We've added the ability to edit the order item price on a Metrc Sales Order after its been matched and completed! This will eliminate the need to request assistance from support in order to un-match Sales Orders :)

2020-06-25: Excise Tax Release! [added]

  • We're excited to announce new tax settings and options and updates to our Sales Order form! 😆

  • Taxes are calculated after discounts and charge

  • Indicate Samples directly on the Sales Order

  • Easily see which line items are samples and

  • Taxes will not be applied to items indicated as samples.

2020-06-24: Metrc Control Panel [added]

  • You can now view all of your Metrc activity, skip packages, view transfers and more in a dedicated section of the app

See article: Metrc Control Panel

2020-06-23: Sales order item ID on Sales report [added]

  • Added sales order item id to Sales order item report CSV

2020-06-09: Preview PDFs rather than having to download them [added]

  • To view them, click on the “Preview” link instead of the download link from the action menu

2020-06-09: Search manifest numbers in the import transfer form [added]

  • This also fixes a bug where if the list of transfers is too long, it would crash.

  • Workflows will no longer be blocked by having thousands of un-imported transfers!

2020-06-09: Distru ID is the first column of every export CSV [added]

  • Distru ID is the internal ID Distru uses to identify something. This appears in the url of a page, in this case 12345 would the Distru ID. This could be useful for a few reasons:

  1. These fields can be used to combine and reference data to and from many sources, with an immutable field that can be relied on to link that data from different places and craft custom reports

  2. Engineers can benefit from quickly glancing a CSV if there were ever a bug to know exactly which item it is in the database.

  3. This is a guaranteed field that will be immutable meaning it will never change.

  4. The Distru ID in the CSV can also be used to quickly find something by pasting the ID into the URL, i.e. making it easy to cross reference or dig deeper into something off of a CSV

  • To see this in action, go to Settings > Export Data > Download a CSV and import it to a spreadsheet or database :)

2020-06-04: Delivery Date on Sales Reports [added]

  • Added Delivery date to Sales Order History report / CSV

  • Added Delivery date to Sales Order Item History report / CSV

2020-05-31: Due Date Bug [fixed]

  • 🐛 Squashed a bug which was causing the Due date field to get wiped out when Delivery date was entered !

2020-05-29: Keyboard Support Updates [added]

  • Added better keyboard support on forms for mouse-free data entry!

  • Moving around with the tab key

  • Using arrow keys to select from autocomplete suggestion dialogs

2020-05-14: Delivery Date Updates [fixed]

  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing users to sort by the Delivery date column in the Sales orders listing page

2020-05-13: Delivery Date Updates [added]

  • Added Delivery date to Sales orders and Invoice PDFs

  • Due date will calculate from Order date if Delivery date is not set

  • Added Delivery date field to Live Menu Checkout Form if the order is being placed by a logged-in user (i.e. making a Sales order instead of a Request)

2020-05-11: Brand Filter on Sales Order Item History Report [added]

  • Added Brand filter on the Sales order item history report

2020-05-06: New CSV columns [added]

Added Related Entity Customer/Vendor ID to Transaction History CSV

  • This is helpful for joining this with other tables

  • This is only in the CSV and not in the report

 Updated Packages Export CSV with Distru status and Metrc status

  • Added a column for the Distru status of the package

  • Renamed the existing Status column to Metrc status for clarity

 Added Metrc Production Batch Number column to Transaction History Report

 Added Brand and Vendor columns to the Sales Order Item History Report

Updated Sales Orders

  • Added index numbers for each line item on an SO

  • Added a count of total line items in the Order items header

2020-04-29: Line item numbering on SO form  [added]

  • Added index numbers for each line item on an SO

  • Added a count of total line items in the Order items header

2020-04-29:  Updates to Delivery Date / Due Date [added]

  • Delivery date was added on Sales order (see below)

  • Due Date field now doesn’t just say the Net Terms, but also the date the Net Terms calculate to

2020-04-29:  Updates to Transaction History Report  [added]

  • Added Batch number for Metrc-enabled accounts as well (already had Non-Metrc batch number)

  • Added Metrc Production Batch Number column

2020-04-29:  Renamed Invoice date to Purchase date on PO PDF  [fixed]

  • Until today the PO form showed Purchase date, but the PDF showed Invoice date 

  • We renamed it to Purchase date to make it consistent and less confusing

2020-04-29: Handled crashing with large inventory valuation reports [fixed]

  • Inventory valuation reports will only load the first 500 rows

  • A message now appears letting you know that you are being shown 500 rows, and if you would like to see the entire report, you can download a CSV

2020-04-27:  Delivery Date Field on Sales Orders  [added]

  • We are adding a Delivery Date field to the SO form. This will modify the layout of the SO a little bit:

  • Use Delivery Date to calculate Due Date: By default, the Due Date will still be calculated based on the Order date as is the case currently. However, with this feature, the user will have the option to change this setting and calculate Due Date based on the Delivery Date.

Note: Once the calculation is based on Delivery Date, that field will become a required field in the Sales order form, just like Order date.

  • Delivery Date on listing & filtering: We are also adding a Delivery Date column to the Sales order listing page. The user will also be able to filter the records by Delivery Date.

  • Exporting Delivery Date: The Delivery Date column will be added to the Orders export CSV under Settings -> Export data.

The Delivery Date will be added to all orders moving forward. For historic orders and orders using a custom field for delivery date, the new field will have to be entered manually.  

2020-04-23:  Batch Number to inventory on Product details page [added]

2020-04-23: Minor quality of life improvements [added]

We are filtering out 0g packages from the package selector on the SO form because:

a You can’t assign a 0g package to a line item
b. It would make the list longer and make it more difficult to find relevant packages
c. It would crash if you selected 0g package there

Now, the list will show show active packages that have quantity >0g first followed by other packages with other statuses.

2020-04-22: New fields on Sales Order Item History Report! (CSV) [added]

  • Batch Number

  • Package Number

2020-04-16: Batch Numbers! [added]

  • Announcing Batch Numbers throughout the platform for Metrc-Integrated Accounts! Easily add and track batch numbers, visible in many different areas! See article below: 

2020-04-14: Broken Incoming Transfers! [added]

  • For every broken incoming transfer, we have a timestamp of when the customer accepted the packages in Metrc.

  • For every package we pull from Metrc into our cache, we have a timestamp called Last Modified.

  • If there is too big of a gap between those two timestamps, we will assume that we cannot infer the quantity and the user will be asked to manually enter the quantity.

  • What are 'broken incoming transfers?' Read more info in this article

2020-04-10: New Features! 

  • The Packages autocomplete will now show Active packages first when assigning packages to an SO

  • Renamed R&D Test Results to Test Result across the board

  • 'Powered by Distru' no longer prints on a separate page

  • Retired the elf pic from emails. He had a good run!

2020-04-04: New Feature [added]

  • Invoices now show recipient and sender info including license numbers! (so long as the license number has been entered in the Company’s details)

2020-03-26: New Features and updates! 

  • Sort by Brand on Product Listing Page [added]

  • On the Product Listing page, sorting by Brand by clicking on it in the table header has been fixed and is now working! 

  • SOs + POs with line item pricing that does not match Metrc wholesale price can now be processed without being overridden or generating an error [fixed] 

  • Selecting/reselecting product will no longer override package wholesale price

  • Users may choose to change the wholesale price if they want, no warning or prompt is given

  • Existing SO line item price will not be overridden under any circumstance automatically

2020-03-25: Introducing... Inline Repackaging! [added]

  • Metrc users can now assemble packages directly on a sales order

  • Create packages on the fly that equal the line item quantity

2020-03-13: New Features! [added]

  • Show amount paid in Purchase Order PDF

  • Increased accuracy in rounding by adding more decimal places to calculation 

  • Changed link in Distru app from old changelog to the new one (this one!)

2020-03-12: New Features! [added]

  • Users can now create a Request by clicking on the "Create" button in the Requests page (this never worked before).

  • Show license number for each address in the Company details page.

  • The order count modal on Sales by User report now shows additional info per SO: subtotal, tax, customer and order date.

2020-03-11: New Features! [added]

  • Auto-moving of packages on internal Metrc transfers and handling of past Metrc transfers

  • Prompt to send invoice and order shipment email only to users with sufficient permissions

  • Prevent finishing a Distru package which has a discrepancy with Metrc

2020-03-10: Multiple Invoice Bug Fix [changed]

  • fixes packages added on sales orders with multiple invoices

2020-03-05: Skipping Metrc Package Imports [changed]

  • If you have a huge list of un-imported packages getting in your way, we've streamlined the skipping process. Reach out to us with a list of package imports you'd like to ignore and we can easily skip them all at one 

2020-03-04: Default intake location per license [added]

  • Set a default intake location for every Metrc license in Distru. An intake location is where packages which already exist in Distru will go when received on an incoming transfer. This is useful for return transfers and internal transfer (from another license of the same organization).

2020-03-03:  “Default Payment Terms”  on Companies CSV export [added]

  • Added a column to Companies CSV export that shows default payment terms. 

2020-02-27: Multi Invoice Revamp [changed]

  • Several issues with multi-invoicing were spotted and corrected. To change invoice quantity you must first update the SO. You can no longer select the quantity you wish to invoice on the invoice itself. A line item must be created separately for each invoice line item, although if you assign >1 packages to a line item, they can be invoiced separately. Make sure to change the price of duplicate SO line items by at least +/- $0.001

2020-02-25 Ability to edit cost/total on Metrc-matched POs [added]

  • Small improvement that allows the ability to edit the cost/total of line items associated with Metrc-matched (already completed) purchase orders. 

2020-02-25 New Metrc Categories! [added]

  • Metrc has released several new product categories including the long-awaited Flower (packaged eighth - each). These categories are available for immediate use in Distru. 

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